Fayetteville Public Utilities accepts regular methods of payment for your utility bills. We accept cash, checks, and certain debit and credit cards. In addition, we also offer several payment plans to make bill payments more convenient. Please read below for details about our various payment options.


Secure Pay is FPU's new pay-by-phone option that allows you to pay your FPU utility bill(s) using a toll-free number 24/7. Simply call 1-844-201-7200 and have your FPU account number available. Follow the recorded prompts by entering the numbers as instructed, and then select your payment method. Secure Pay accepts Mastercard and VISA credit and debit cards as well as checks. Click the button below for directions on using the Secure Pay option.
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SmartHub is FPU's online bill payment system that also allows you to monitor your utility use history. SmartHub is accessible on your desktop, laptop, and on both mobile app versions (iOS and Android). SmartHub gives FPU customers secure access to their utility accounts whether at home, at work, or on the go. Just click on the button below to establish and access your SmartHub account.

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Please Note: As of Feb. 8, 2016, payments made via the internet must be made by 6:00 PM central time in order to avoid being charged a late fee.
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Bank Draft

Have your monthly FPU payments automatically deducted from your checking or savings account on your due date. This is a free service. All you need to apply is a blank, voided check from your active checking account and your signature on the draft authorization form at FPU. With Bank Draft, you never need to worry about your payment arriving late.

Delayed Payment

If you receive monthly social security or disability income as the primary means of paying your utility bill, you may qualify for Delayed Payment. This program allows you to pay electric, natural gas, water and wastewater, and/or telecom bills later than the due date by allowing additional time to make the payment. Applications for Delayed Payment are available at our Customer Service Department. Proof of your income must accompany the application.

Drive-Thru Window

The FPU Drive-thru Window is open during normal business hours to make bill payments more convenient. Please visit our main office located at 408 West College Street to use our drive-through window.

By Mail

You always have the option of mailing your utility payment to FPU. With each billing statement we provide a return envelope. Simply apply postage and mail. Be sure to allow ample time for your payment to arrive to avoid any late fees that apply after your due date.

Night Deposit

FPU accepts payments by night deposit. For payments to be considered paid by the due date, payments must be left in the night deposit before your due date. A late fee will be assessed if the amount due is not paid in full by normal close of business on the due date. If you receive a payment reminder by mail after payment by night deposit, please call our office to ensure payment was received and posted to your account. If you have questions about using our night deposit, please call (931) 433-1522.
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Credit / Debit Card

FPU accepts VISA and Master Card credit or debit card payments at our office.

Deposit Policy

FPU's security deposit policy is designed to assess the credit risk associated with all applicants for new or continued utility service(s) while protecting the assets of our utility. To read our full security deposit policy, click the button below:
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Please Note:

Effective August 1, 2008, if FPU payments are not received by the close of business on the due date, the account will be assessed a late charge as indicated on the bill, and a late reminder will be mailed. Should the payment due date fall on a non-business day (i.e. a weekend day or FPU holiday), the next business day will be held by FPU as a day of grace for delivery of payment. Failure to receive your FPU bill statement or late reminder does not release utility customers of their payment obligation. FPU encourages you to call 433-1522 if you have questions about utility payments.