I have an account with FPU High-Speed Internet service and was wondering what limitations are on email?
Accounts have a maximum storage limit of 500MB of space stored on the server; If you exclusively use the web interface to check your mail, that limits your total email volume. We recommend using a program on your computer such as Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, etc to download email to your machine.

Our system also has a limit of 30MB on individual emails sent through it. There are a couple of reasons for this, notably that the protocols and systems for transferring email were designed originally for small text messages, and large attachments tend to cause problems for mail providers
end users receiving (especially on dialup) and some mail clients programs/antivirus software.

What are my SMTP and POP3 mail server address?
Your SMTP and POP3 mail server addresses are both

Does FPU High-Speed Internet filter anything from the Internet to its cable modem customers?
FPU does not filter any content or data types on the customer side. We do scan for viruses in incoming emails on our mail server.

Should I be concerned about viruses on the Internet?
Very much so. Online virus activity is rampant with hundreds of new variants of viruses appearing daily. FPU recommends that 
all it's customers have some form of anti-virus software installed on their computer and that it be kept up to date. There are numerous popular antivirus programs for Windows and Macintosh computers. If you cannot afford software with a yearly subscription fee, there are many free antivirus programs available for personal use, such as Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG, Avast, Bitdefender 8 Free edition, and Antivir Personal. Viruses can infest your machine from numerous directions, including content hosted on web sites, attachments in emails, malicious downloads posing as legitimate software, files scattered on file sharing networks, file download sites, and files sent via instant messengers. While FPU does scan incoming email for viruses, we are unable to guarantee that all emails will be virus free.

Does FPU High-Speed Internet offer space for personal web pages as part of my account?
No, at this time we do not offer space for personal web pages.

How many email addresses do I get with my FPU High-Speed Internet service?
Each FPU internet account comes with two email addresses. Additional addresses are available 
for additional cost.

Should I check into getting a personal firewall for my home computer?
A home firewall is certainly an extra precaution that we would encourage. The firewall will limit or prohibit traffic from 
entering into your computer through specified ports. It should be noted that FPU does not provide firewall technical assistance or service to the end-user. If you install a firewall on your system - it is up to you to maintain it. Most antivirus programs come with a slightly more expensive 'Internet Security' version that includes a built in firewall. Also, Windows XP and Vista include a built in firewall.

What kind of speed can I expect from FPU High-Speed Internet service?
You are allocated a speed based on your plan, generally 75Mbps download/7.5mbsp upload, 100Mbps download/10Mbps upload or 125Mbps download/12.5Mbps upload.  

What is the service/support policy of FPU High-Speed Internet service?
FPU technicians are in-house 7:30 am to 4:30 pm M-F for cable internet service calls. For 
infrastructure related issues (servers or systems offline), we have technicians on call 24/7/365.

What kind of cable modem do I need to use FPU High-Speed Internet service?
We can provide you with a DOCSIS 3.0 compatible cable modem, either as a rental, or a direct purchase from FPU. If you decide to purchase a modem elsewhere it must be DOCSIS 3.0 (older 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0 version modems are no longer supported) compatible reputable name brand modem. Modems branded as 'DOCSIS 3.1' or 'DOCSIS 4.0' may not function on our network as those are
not true standards. 

Broadband Grant Information

Tennessee Emergency Broadband Fund 2022- Eastern Expansion

This grant will supply broadband internet to unserved and underserved areas on the eastern side of Lincoln County. The investment includes $8,899,590 in grant funding plus an additional $3,814,110 in matching funds invested by Fayetteville Public Utilities for a project total of $12,713,700.

This is a three-year broadband expansion project slated to benefit approximately 2,880 homes in the eligible grant area.

FPU’s proposed grant area, shaded in yellow, is still subject to change due to coverage by other service providers. The pockets of white in the yellow section mean the area is already covered or can be covered by another service provider.

Tennessee Emergency Broadband Fund- Northwest Expansion

Fayetteville Public Utilities was awarded a $1.7 million broadband grant through the Tennessee Emergency Broadband Fund.

FPU is using the grant funds to extend broadband services northwest of Highway 431 towards Highway 64 west.

The area is 94 miles and will serve over 500 homes and businesses. Funds are available to cover 80 percent of the project costs, and FPU is providing a grantee match of 20 percent.

Tennessee Emergency Broadband Fund - Northwest Expansion

Tennessee Broadband Accessibility Grant- Southwest Expansion

Fayetteville Public Utilities was recently awarded $1.75 million as part of the third round of the State of Tennessee Broadband Accessibility Grant.

FPU realized the need for underserved customers to have reliable and affordable broadband service. These grant funds will provide this in the southwest portion of Lincoln County. The grant territory includes west of Highway 64, including the areas of McBurg and Dellrose, south to the Alabama border and back north to include sections of Camargo, Yukon, Molino, Blanche and Taft. This area has approximately five homes per mile and serves 1,009 customers.

Tnecd broadband accessibility grant southwest expansion
  • Fayetteville Public Utilities has over 280 miles of fiber optic lines
  • Downstream/Upstream bandwidth max based on plan
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FPU offers a variety of broadband connection speeds, but does not guarantee these speeds as there are many factors that affect internet performance that are beyond our control. Therefore, FPU has a Net Neutrality Disclosure which you may read for more details about the service we provide. 
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