FPU's Cable TV service is ending December 31, 2021. We appreciate your business and would like to continue to provide you with internet and VoIP phone service. Please visit https://www.fpu-tn.com/cable-tv-service to find out the answers to several FAQ.


FAQ Regarding Cable Discontinuation

When will cable service end?
     FPU will no longer offer cable television service to our customers after December 31, 2021.

Why is FPU not offering cable anymore?
     Television and programming costs have seen staggering increases in the last several years. FPU cannot absorb these increases, and it would not be financially reasonable to pass these costs on to our cable television customers. To do so would increase cable television rates to a price that would no longer be affordable.

Will FPU still offer internet and VoIP phone service?
     Yes. FPU will continue to offer high-speed broadband internet service and VoIP phone service to new and existing customers in our service area.

How do I need to return my equipment?
     Please make plans to return all FPU cable television equipment including digital boxes, power cords and remotes to FPU’s main office, 408 College St. W., before January 31, 2022.

What if I don’t return my equipment?
     You will be charged for any unreturned equipment if not returned by January 31, 2022. Please contact FPU customer service to ask about your specific account.

Will FPU still offer emergency repair?
     Yes. FPU will continue to offer 24/7 emergency repair and customer service for all utility services including internet and VoIP phone service. 

Will FPU continue to expand internet?
     Yes. FPU is continuing to pursue other funding options to expand internet and VoIP phone services to unserved and underserved areas in the community.

If I don’t disconnect my cable service, will I be automatically disconnected after December 31, 2021?
     Yes. FPU cable service will discontinue after December 31, 2021.